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You guys made it through another great year, It’s such a blessing to see your love for each other as I watch over from above, I can hear her now.

She is with you guys on your special day!


I can hear him now, “you are still the sparkle that brightens my day”, is what he would say.

Have a great birthday!


I’m so proud of you, and I’ll be watching you march, is what he would say.

Great Job!

Mother’s Day

If daddy was here he would remind you how special you are and how you have always been his angel.

 Have a great Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day #2

I can’t help remembering those precious moments we shared with him, and I know he is looking down on us now.

Let’s cherish those memories on today.

Happy Mother’s Day


Remember how he was always the first one on the dance floor?  Make sure to “cut the rug” for him! He’ll be looking down smiling as you do.

“Have a Great time at the Prom”, is what he would say.